Dalmeny Emergency Measures Organization ( EMO)


When an emergency arises in our community we have a group of well trained professionals that responds to our daily emergencies. However should a disaster arise in our community, a large range of agencies must pull together to provide a coordinated response!


In Saskatchewan, in addition to natural disasters there are many other risks, such as power outages, blizzards, wind storms, plane crashes or major transportation accidents.  The Saskatchewan Department of Corrections and Public Safety is the lead agency for the province on public safety and security. It works closely with local authorities, as well as the federal and other provincial and territorial governments, to share information and develop emergency plans and strategies to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

Are you Prepared?

72 HoursAre you and or your family prepared to spend 72 hours on your own?

Do you have an emergency kit in your home?

Does your business have an emergency plan in case of a power outage?

It is everyone’s responsibility to be prepared for unforeseen disaster which can happen at any time!

To learn how to prepare for more emergencies go to www.getprepared.ca

To become involved with your  local EMO call: 306-254-2133

Alicia Anderson, EMO Coordinator

Although the popularity of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms has been growing in recent years, it cannot be assumed that everyone is familiar with the hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.

In the home, heating and cooking equipment that burn fuel can be sources of carbon monoxide (CO).

Click here for some Carbon Monoxide safety tips.

If you would like to learn more about carbon monoxide safety visit NFPA at http://www.nfpa.org/public-education/by-topic/fire-and-life-safety-equipment/carbon-monoxide.